The Cutting Edge Team

Get to know the build & design team…We keep things saucy!

Made up of so many distinct personalities, talents, and penchants for humour, we are truly lucky to have a team that makes the office bursting with fun.  It makes coming to work more like coming to a Sunday family dinner (meatball throwing and all).  At the end of the day, the poking, joking, prodding, and general silliness all lead to extraordinary creations — because while you may get some spaghetti sauce in your hair — the team is dedicated for sure!
Meet the team (in no particular order of muscle size, joke-telling or food-throwing ability):

The Masterminds

Paul LafrancePaul Lafrance – “It’s all about how it makes you feel.”

Meet Paul Lafrance, creator, owner, and CEO of Paul Lafrance Design. With more than fifteen years of generating innovative and state-of-the-art custom deck designs, he is no stranger to the decking and landscaping world. He has successfully designed and built over a thousand decks across Southern Ontario — plus, he has designed thousands more across Canada and the U.S.A.. Paul has recently expanded his design firm to include all of North America, greatly broadening the frontier for his custom designs. With designs that are always original, each project offers its own uniqueness and the beauty that has come to define a Paul Lafrance Deck…read more

Janna LafranceJanna Lafrance – Wheel turner/Lover of Sushi, Sunshine, and of course, Paul!

Meet Janna Lafrance, co-founder and CAO at Paul Lafrance Design. Married to Paul and older sister of Joey, she considers herself to be secretly responsible for all things impressive and humorous about Paul Lafrance Design. She’s normally behind the scenes, administrating and keeping the wheels of the organization turning, although periodically she will make appearances at Paul Lafrance Design and Decked Out events, particularly if there is sushi or sunshine involved.

The Design Wheels

Steven WilliamsSteven Williams – Head of Design Sales/Technological Savant

Steven Williams, Head of Design and Sales at Paul Lafrance Design, has been with the company for many years. He’s worn many hats (literally and figuratively), from carpenter, to production manager, to general manager, and has excelled at everything he has put his hand to. A couple of years back, he discovered his affinity for drafting and design and has played a significant role in the Paul Lafrance Design migration to the new design software, “DeckWorks“, which boasts state of the art 3-D technology. A multi-talented individual, he has a reputation for humour, hard work, talent, and general stealth-like maneuvers, and is an absolute asset to the Paul Lafrance Design team!

SarahSarah – Right-hand Woman/Coffee Addict

Sarah is assistant and right-hand woman for Janna, handling all office administration and record keeping, including overflow from the Design and Production departments. Her skills are exceptional and diverse, her vices are coffee and comedy, both of which Sarah is admittedly addicted to. Her smile and friendly voice are sure to calm even the most volatile nerves and she welcomes everyone into our office with gracious hospitality, even if she hasn’t had her coffee yet.

JimJim – Jack of all Trades/Master of the Pan Flute

Affectionately known as “Jim-Bo,” Jim has been with Paul Lafrance Design for many years as well. He is the epitome of a “Jack of all Trades” which has made him the perfect candidate for our Service Department Manager. Jim spends his days traveling from one site to another, performing a variety of tasks, including builder support, supplies management, repair and replacement, and making sure the crews have everything they need on the ground. His skills as a carpenter have been a great asset to our team, as well as his appreciation for the fine arts and pan fluting.

The “Decked Out” and “Disaster Decks” Crew

JoeyJoey – Carpenter/Eye Candy

Born in Port Perry, Ontario, where he spent his younger years as the second youngest of eight siblings, Joey is no stranger when it comes to dealing with different personalities. Growing up he had a knack for drama, athletics and carpentry, so it is perfectly fitting that he is one of the most easy going, hilarious and talented carpenters in the industry. In Joey’s self-proclaimed “peak physical condition,” he is more than just eye candy. For over five years he has proven to be an irreplaceable asset to Paul Lafrance’s team.

DavidDavid – Carpenter/Avid doer of ‘The Robot Dance’

A North York, Ontario native, following in his father’s footsteps, David has become a skilled carpenter with a very slapstick sense of humor. You never quite know what to expect from him. He’s been working for Paul, starting as his youngest lead hand, for a little over six years. His leadership skills were recognized early and he was quickly entrusted with his own crew. David has a passion for music and is a talented drummer. He evidently also has a passion for dancing the robot, which he unfortunately does not hesitate to perform as often as possible. His skill and expertise should not be underestimated, and anyone who knows him will tell you when it comes to carpentry he is wise beyond his years.

KateKate – Carpenter/Punster

Kate was raised in Georgetown, Ontario and has a passion for adventure and travel. She loves to tackle any new challenge that comes her way. Kate has always been drawn towards a career in contracting, acquiring many of her skills from her training at Women in Skilled Trades, along with her hands-on experience working on HGTV’s Holmes on Holmes. Since joining the Decked Out team she has quickly become part of the family. Working with our eclectic crew of carpenters is certainly an adjustment, however, Kate has had no problem putting up with boys and their shenanigans. She has, in fact, been known on site to pull more than a prank or two of her own.